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$469 Per Month

$649 Per Month

$999 Per Month

Up to 5 hours per month
Up to 10 hours per month
Up to 20 hours per month

Website edits
(WP Single-language site)

Website edits
(WP Multilingual pages)

Website edits
(WP Multilingual pages & Multiple sites)

Updating theme & plug-ins


Other tasks listed below *

Updating theme & plug-ins


Other tasks listed below *

Manage server updates


Top 10 Most Common Website Updates Requested by Our Clients

  1. Updating existing content and add new content (visuals, videos, textual)
  2. Compressing images so that it improves PageSpeed, and updating CSS files so that it improves Web Performance
  3. Fixing broken links, creating sitemaps, and adding social media links
  4. Giving home page and internal pages a "refresh" look and feel every six month or so
  5. Preparing email announcements or newsletters for email marketing purposes
  6. Fixing how site appears on mobile devices, adding proper responsive tags
  7. Moving website to another server plan, and/or adding security to existing plan
  8. Upgrading WordPress template or framework for SEO benefits
  9. Installing a plug-in, analyzing existing plug-ins, and/or removing plug-ins that crear conflicts with other plug-ins
  10. Updating SEO tags, including META tags, ALT tags, and H tags

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