Shopify Store Development Services

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Shopify Website Plans




$2,500 One-Time

$3,250 One-Time

$4,250 One-Time

Shopify Theme Selection Shopify Theme Selection Shopify Theme Selection

Shopify Store Development

Shopify Store Development

Shopify Store Development


Shopify Multilingual App Set Up
(sample click here)

Shopify Store Management
(Up to 5 hours)


Images/Visuals Development

Shopify Store Management
(Up to 10 hours)


Images/Visuals Development

Shopify Sales Channels Configuration
(Shop, Facebook, Instagram)

All Plans include:

  • Shopify Theme Selection – we help your business select the most advanced customized, responsive, and user-engaging theme for your store
  • Shopify Store Development – we implement your theme, configure all sales channels, and settings to get your store up for selling

Reliable Shopify website design and development agency

The Hispanic Market Advisors® team has created an affordable package to help small to medium-sized companies go live with Shopify.

With hundreds of thousands of businesses and billions in sales, Shopify is one of the other top eCommerce platforms available. Unlike WooCommerce, Shopify is a hosted software that includes hosting and security, as well as its own gateway Shopify Payments. Shopify is powerful, reliable, and easy to use, offering lovely templates and brilliant customer support.

We love to build responsive WordPress websites, but for ecommerce sites, we highly recommend Shopify. As a Shopify Partner, Hispanic Market Advisors® just not develop Shopify stores, we also develop professionalism to our clients and great experience to their online customers. Shopify’s features can help you to sell your products and build or expand your business, and Hispanic Market Advisors can help your businesses manage and drive your stores in a most profitable way.

From selecting the right Shopify theme, to marketing your products and services using the right strategies and advanced technologies, our team is ready to work with you.

Additional Services (On-Demand)

  • Shopify Store Management – the Shopify Better and Shopify Best plans include a limited number of management hours, but if you need recurring store management services, let us know. We provide support and store management so that you don’t have to worry about installing apps, adding pages, making changes
  • Shopify Store Marketing – we offer marketing services to promote your store, including email marketing, Facebook advertising, Instagram, and more!

Need a custom package that includes also Shopify management?

Contact us at or chat with us live to create a custom solution for your small business Shopify development & management needs.