Social Media Content Plans

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$349 Monthly

$499 Monthly

$999 Monthly

2x week
(8 posts total*)
3x week
(12 posts total*)
4x week
(16 posts total*)


1 reel/mo. (15 sec)
for FB & IG

2 reels or stories/mo. (15 sec)




1 square video
for FB/IG/ YouTube



- Account Management

* Total # of posts 
(combined between
2 social media platforms**)

* Total # of posts 
(combined between
2 social media platforms**)

* Total # of posts 
(combined between 
4 social media platforms**)

* Linktree makes your online content more discoverable, easier to manage and more likely to convert. Only available for SOCIAL MEDIA BEST plans, if needed

** Most common social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Many clients also ask us to work also with Twitter, LinkedIn. For videos: YouTube and Vimeo.

All Plans include:

  • Social Media Profiles Account Creation - we can help you create the social media accounts if needed (i.e., TikTok, Instagram, etc.)
  • Bilingual Content Curation - we create the content based on the business needs and cycles, and publish in both English and Spanish.
  • Monthly Social Media Planning - we schedule the posts according to the editorial calendar designed for the location, and taking into account the best times for each social platform
  • Strategic Hashtag Selection - we carefully pick hashtags that are relevant to the posts and add them onto the messages for better impact and visibility.
  • Tracking Your Campaigns and Measuring Results - tracking can help us determine best content quality and maximize reach and engagement rates.
  • Weekly Planner - every other week we plan for the following two (2) weeks, and a Weekly Planner is shared with the clients for comments before scheduling the posts. 

Need a custom package?

Contact us at or chat with us live to create a custom solution for your small business social media engagement needs.

Additional Services (On-Demand)

Development and Management of Facebook Ads - starting at $299/mo. 
  • Does not include Ad spend which will be directly paid to Google by Client.
  • Assumes management of monthly ad spend from $300 to $1500
  • Up to 4 hours of management monthly
  • Monthly Consulting Call