Strategic Consulting & Business Development

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Pre-Paid Packages Of 10 Hours

Welcome! Thank you for considering Hispanic Market Advisors® as your strategic consultant for your projects. Whether you are migrating your website and need our expertise to guide you during that tedious and risky process, or help you analyze user behavior, lead generation strategies, or optimize conversion rates, we can help.

Select any of the three Strategic Consulting Packages:

  • CONSULTING GOOD – fit for most initial strategic consulting, includes recommended action plan.
  • CONSULTING BETTER– for more complex projects, when you need more expertise.
  • CONSULTING BEST – for guidance throughout the entire process, whether is a website migration, server infrastructure change, or brand upgrade.




$750 per month x 2 months

$1,250 per month x 2 months

$2,000 per month x 2 months

Initial Zoom Call (30 min)
Follow up Zoom Call (45 min)
Up to 5 Consulting Emails
Basic Site Evaluation
Recommended Action Plan

Initial Zoom Call (30 min)
2 Follow up Zoom Call (45 min each)
Up to 10 Consulting Emails
Comprehensive Site Evaluation
Server & Web Hosting Analysis*
Domain Strategy*
Recommended Action Plan
Weekly Zoom Calls (30 min each)
Up to 15 Consulting Emails
Comprehensive Site Evaluation
Server & Web Hosting Analysis
Domain Strategy
Recommended Action Plan
Dedicated Strategic Advisor
CRM Integration**

* If needed. Otherwise, these items may be replaced for Market Analysis, and/or Competitor Analysis

** This plan includes assistance and coordination with your CRM provider, including Keap, to integrate it with your website or store. If you also need Zapier integration, please select this additional plan.