Google GMB Publishing Plans

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Benefits of Postings Frequently and Consistently in GMB

Did you know that when you post new content directly through your GMB listing, you are sharing relevant content and information about your local business?

This helps Google local search, which contributes to building your location authority. Telling Google that your business is legit helps with local SEO.

Why? Because the more you legitimize your business to Google, the higher ranking you will get and the more visibility in local searches.

By selecting this service, you will get:

  • We create a page like this in your WordPress site (view other sample). 
  • We publish a Google local post section in your website displaying your GMB listing for local SEO benefits. 
  • We integrate your WordPress or Shopify Store to your GMB listings.
  • Every time we post in GMB, the local posts will display in your WordPress page, and Shopify Store, if possible.
  • This helps with local visibility in Google Search, Google Maps, while helping local SEO because the content displayed in your WordPress or Shopify site is SEO-friendly and indexed by Google. 
  • You will be able to see a report of your posts in our Report Dashboard (we will create one for you upon subscription confirmation).
  • Right now, we only offer one plan where we post in average three times a week. You pay a flat fee of $375 per month, until you cancel. If you need more frequent publishing (i.e., one per day), please contact us so we can personalize a plan to your specific needs, but we suggest you start with the basic plan and try us out.